Andor Labs focuses on personalized service to our clients and their patients. We treat people with the respect they deserve, not like numbers.

At Andor Labs, we seek to provide physicians with accurate results in an easy-to-read and interpret format for efficient and effective patient care. Our medical clients have the privilege of electronic access to current data on-line via our HIPAA compliant database. Furthermore, Andor Labs can customize drug testing protocols depending on current practice requirements. Continual improvement and client satisfaction is our goal – so we welcome questions and comments.

Andor Labs offers urine drug confirmation testing based on state-of-the-art technology using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) to identify and quantify a wide range of pharmacological agents and many associated drug metabolites used in pain management treatment regimens, as well as many illicit drugs. We use LC-MS/MS because it is the most highly selective, sensitive and rapid platform available for determination of exposure to medications and illicit drugs.

Andor Labs ensures high integrity of confirmation test results by subjecting all specimens received to Urine Validity Testing prior to any other testing. We report aberrant Validity results in order to alert medical staff of specimen tampering. We also offer Semi-Quantitative Urine Drug Screening for up to 16 drug classes for clients who require numerical screening results.



Andor Labs meets the criteria for Laboratory Accreditation by COLA. COLA is a physician-directed national healthcare organization whose purpose is to promote excellence in laboratory medicine. COLA accredits almost 8,000 laboratories and provides the clinical laboratory with a program of education, consultation and accreditation. Accreditation is awarded to laboratories that maintain established quality in day-to-day operations, demonstrate continued accuracy in proficiency testing performance and successfully complete regular on-site laboratory inspections.

As part of COLA accreditation, Andor Labs participates in the highly regarded College of American Pathologists (CAP) Proficiency Testing program for Urine Toxicology.

Andor Labs is a recipient of the COLA Award for Excellence.

CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment)

As a CLIA registered laboratory, Andor Labs compiles with the regulatory requirement and standards established by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) agency of the Federal government.

Andor Labs is currently accredited to accept specimens from many U.S. states. We are currently applying to several more highly regulated states for additional accreditations.

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